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Zena 1814: A Historical Board Game

This Christmas, many people in Genoa and surroundings have found under treir trees a copy of Zena 1814, an interesting board game set in the last milestone of the glorious Republic of Genoa (Zena in Genoese language). It has landed even on the shelves of Feltrinelli, a national-wide bookseller chain, from where it became one of the most popular Christmas gifts in our city.

The game board

The game board

April 1814: A British decision at the Congress of Vienna puts an end to the 8 centuries of the Rupublic, whose indipendence had already been suspended under the French rule of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is the scenario where the game play is set.

The players will have to compete each other in order to gain as much influence as possible in 6 city areas (Fort, Old Town Streets, Palace, Cathedral, Port, and Bank), each representing a very important part of the actual economical and power part of the historical city.

But they will also engage in risky ventures and therefore will have to cooperate, thus reflecting the very essence of the Republic of Genoa, whose noble families always struggled for power while trying not to damage their common good. But the undelying lack of unity, much stronger than in Venice, the main competitor of Genoa on the sea trade routes in the Mediterranean, was one of the root causes for the decadence and bad luck of the Republic.

Being a language service provider, we particularly appreciate that the authors decided to include in the game some well-known popular expressiones in Genoese language, incomprehensible to Italian people living outside the region of Liguria and foreigners alike, such as Manezzi (Manipulation in the official game translation), Dagghe Abbretio (Grab Everything), and Invexendase (Working Without a Plan). This is a part of an ongoing rediscovery movement of the ancient Genoese heritage, language, and culture.

Game cards

We hope you will have the change to try and enjoy this game too! If you happen to be located outside Italy, you can still buy it online (see below).

Zena 1814 video review by Würfel Reviews:

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GenovaInBlu: A Welcome to all Visitors at Genoa Boat Show 2015

Risultati immagini per 55 genoa boat show

All is ready for the 55th edition of the Genoa Boat Show, to be held in the Italian seaside city from the 30th of September to the 5th of October 2015 (locate on map).

As usual in the last few years, Boat Show visitors will have the chance to enjoy some days of relax and entertainment in the Mediterranean city, and cheer up their mood after the long and stressful hours spent at the maritime trade show thanks to a comprehensive mix of cultural and social events called GenovaInBlu.

First of all, you shouldn’t miss the wonderful art exhibit From Impressionism to Picasso. The Masterpieces from The Detroit Institute Of Arts, which you can visit from the 30th of September onwards. From Van Gogh to Monet, from Cézanne to Kandinsky and Picasso, a whole range of painting masterpieces from the 19th and early 20th century will be shown at the historical Palazzo Ducale (locate on map).

On the 30th of September at 8:30 p.m. (maybe after a refreshing aperitivo in one of the countless bars in the charming old town), The Rickshaw Boy based on Lao She’s novel will go on stage in Carlo Felice Theater (locate on map). Remember, reduced price for Boat Show visitors (remember to bring your trade fair ticket with you!).

On Thursday, 1st October you can give your small contribution with a charity event in favour of the Children’s Hospital Giannina Gaslini, one of the leading institutions in Italy.

Via Garibaldi in the evening

And dont’ forget your credit card at home on Friday, 2nd October. With Shopping in Blu, many shops around Carlo Felice Theater will be open until late in the evening, showcasing the best of world-renowned Italian apparel, furniture and luxury products. But before that, we recommed you to taste a delicious Agrihour – a happy hour with local organic products for a unique experience – at Carmine Market (locate on map).

The historical buildings on Via Garibaldi (locate on map) will open their doors from 7 to 9 p.m. You will be delighted by the magnificence of their old courts flooded with light at dusk, while Music Conservatory students play mellow tunes.

All that, along with the permanent attractions which Genoa offers to its visitors all year long, among them outstanding museums (first of all the Aquarium of Genoa, but also the Galata Museum of the Sea and the Genoa Cricket and Football Club Museum), its surprisingly charming old town and a beautiful seaside (with a bit of luck you may even take your last bath in the sea of this year’s good season!), will make your journey to Genoa a lifelong experience.

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