B. Services Ranks #44 in Proz

We have just received a wonderful new year’s gift: after getting our 100th positive feedback on Proz, the global leading marketplace for translation and interpreting services, our Blue Board profile (http://www.proz.com/blueboard/15352) with a score of 4.92 out of 5 ranks #44 in the all-time ranking for language service providers (LSPs) with more than 100 entries.

The statistics page can be accessed here: http://www.proz.com/lwa?sp_mode=stats (login needed)B.Services Proz RankingThis is really great news! The 100 professional translators and interpreters who have chosen to endorse our job as an LSP encourage us to keep doing what we are doing right now and what we are best at, i.e. delivering on-time and reliable language service projects while maintaining a fair and clear relationship with both our customers and vendors.

We want to warmly thank everybody who contributed to this result and wish you a Happy New Year.


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