Our Brand New Blog

Hi, you all.

This is our first post on our brand new blog. We have decided to start it in order to share some useful thoughts and resources on languages from the point of view on an Italian Language Service Provider.

We would also like to share interesting information about our beautiful city, Genoa, and the wonderful landscapes sorrounding it, which many of you may not know (and this is a real pity – you can have a preview looking at the overhead picture we have chosen for this blog!), as well as facts&figures about the Italian economical situation and selected import%export opportunities.

As we always are very busy counselling our customers, translating and managing language projects, please do not expect regular posts on this blog. As a matter of facts, it may pass some time before our next update, since we are currently engaged in publishing our new website on www.bservices.eu (we are still working around the contents), along with another interesting project which we would like to inform you about on this blog, some day.

In the meanwhile you can check out our Twitter account for the latest updates.

Your B. Services staff


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